How to print a transfer on a shirt


Here is how to do it:
1. Prepare a heatpress or iron 155-170 C;
2. Place the cloth on a solid surface (e.g. a table covered with several layers of bed sheets);
3. Place the transfer on the cloth so that the film base is up and the picture is downwards;
4. Before heating cover the transfer with thin fabric or baking paper;
5. Press the iron strongly (without moving) and heat 15-20 seconds for smooth and reflective transfers or 30-40 seconds for flocked transfers;
6. Carefully remove the base film from the warm transfer. If it doesn’t stick completely heat it for 5 more seconds;
7. After removing the base heat the application again for 5 – 10 seconds without moving the iron.

Suitable for: cotton, linen, denim, lycra, hemp, polyester and blended fabrics.
Not suitable for: acrylic, silk, nylon, viscose and hydrophobic, impregnated and starched fabrics and down jackets.

Before decorating clothes make sure, that the fabric is suitable for ironing.
You can try the attached sample first.
Washing at temperatures up to 40 C.